Custom Portraits!!

8bit now offers Custom Portraits. Turn your friends and family into their favorite characters, or even paint their online gaming avatar! Painting time can take up to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. More time for larger works. Final products available in both Fine Art Prints and Stretched Canvas, with or without frames. Please contact us at for custom works.

Here is an example of a client as Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister that artist Casey Andrews created for a wedding gift.


To complete a piece we will need some photos of your friends or family members for us to go off of. If the painting is meant to mimic a fictional character, please include as much detail as possible as to what version you would like to follow. For instance – Young Elvis vs. Fat Elvis, Star Trek: The original Series vs. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  You may also specify a specific character – “I want my dad to be Han Solo”.

Determine if you would like the portrait Landscape or Portrait Orientation.


You may also specify color scheme if you like. Mostly Blues, Green, or even Black and White. We will do whatever you want to make sure your Custom Portrait Amazes you and yours. It will be one of a kind and basically just pretty neat-o!

Custom Portraits Packages starting at $180 will include:

  • One Custom Painting of one individual in the style and genre of your choice
  • One 12 inch x 16 inch Stretched Canvas Print in either Landscape OR Portrait Orientation.

Additional Prints, Larger Canvas, or Canvas WITH Wooden frame available at additional charge. Please email us for more details on additional packages. All packages will be completely customized for YOU.

You may also select a non-real life portrait like the one show below.