Star Trek MAC Makeup Collection coming this fall

MAC Cosmetics introducing a STAR TREK Makeup Collection!

by casey andrews

MAC Cosmetics brings us a new and truly out-of-this-world collection this fall inspired by some of the beauties of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek! Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!

You all know I LOOOOVE Star Trek, but you may not also know that I LOOOOOVE makeup. So this fall, In stores September 1st, MAC will have a Star Trek collection in stores inspired by some of Star Treks great beauties – Deanna Troi – The Next Generation, Annika Hansen (Seven of Nine) – Voyager, Nyota Uhura, and Vina – Both of The Original Series.

Let’s talk about the gals –
[wp_ad_camp_1] First off we’ve got Vina – played by Susan Oliver.

Vina appeared in the first pilot episode of The Original Series entitled “The Cage” then later was part of a two-parter called “The Menagerie”. The Cage was never aired, and instead “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was used. You can read about it more HERE.  AAAAAAnyway….Vina was human, stranded on a planet as a sole survivor, she was used as a love interest (OF COURSE)…blah blah blah. Refinery29‘s article on this MAC collection groups her in with “Leading Ladies”, but I hope that from what I’ve just spelled out that you see she was anything but. The “Blah blah blah’s” being dead giveaway. (The green skin version of her was only an illusion btw…as was her youthful appearance).

Her makeup was extraordinary. That’s a fierce line job and professional level blending. Not too shabby for being stranded on a deserted planet. But hey, it was the 60’s and women were barely allowed to leave the house without vacuuming first.

Vina MAC Makeup

Nyota Uhura – played by Nichelle Nichols

Uhura is one of the most recognizable Star Trek characters there are, male or female. EVERYONE recognizes this iconic women. This character, Uhura – Communications Officer, was SOOO ahead of her time, which turned out to be a repeated theme in the Star Trek Universe (here’s looking at you “Measure of a Man” and Dax and her lesbian kiss). Not only did we have a woman on the bridge but she was also African American. This was during a time when segregation was in full swing and the actress was not even allowed to attend the awards shows that she was honored in. Her character was part of the first on-screen interracial kiss (SPOILERS – it was Spock***CORRECTION: it was Kirk***). Nichols wanted to leave the show after her first season but Martin Luther King Jr. (ever heard of him?) encouraged her to say emphasizing what an inspiration she was. Because of her spot on the series it was reportedly the only show his children were allowed to watch. Nichelle Nichols is an absolute icon.

But we’re here to talk about her makeup….well, just look at it! It’s FLAWLESS. That cat eye is to die for. I’m lucky if I can tight line neatly. And that nude lip?! SWOON. What’s not here to want to emulate. She was an obvious choice in this line-up.

***According to an interview with Nichols, Shatner and Nichol’s lips never actually touched but they rather did the “lean in”. Irregardless I have been corrected from several trusted soruces that it was in fact Uhura and Kirk that are accredited, and not Spock.

Uhura MAC Makeup

Deanna Troi – Played by my childhood hero Marina Sirtis.

I grew up with Deanna as my #1 role model. I have been a trekkie since I was 7 years old and she had a BIG part in that. As a naturally raven haired lady myself, she was an obvious choice for my devotion. The 80’s weren’t abundant in brunette role models. Not only was our coloring similar, but she was in SPACE! and she was a TELEPATH! and she was just simply magnificent.

I got to meet Marina Sirtis at the Boise Comic-Con a few years back. Here we are >marina2 Yup, I’m dressed as her. I know how to kiss ass! The best part was after my childhood trying to emulate her calm caring demeanor (and failing), meeting her showed me that Marina in real life was brash and mouthy like me! I was just like her all along <3

Deanna Troi had a truly truly truly 80’s makeup routine for most of The Next Generation series. Lots of Blush, Dark browny purly lipstick, heavy liner, and shiny lids. Oh it was glamorous in combo with lots and lots of BIG HAIR. (Which I learned from her directly was a big heavy obnoxious wig).

Deanna is a Woman’s Woman. Feminine, Beautiful, and not afraid to doll it up. Don’t be afraid of pigment ladies! Her style says “Have Fun!” Don’t be intimidated by gobs of mascara and a colorful lid….You’re Worth It!

Deanna Troi MAC Makeup

Annika Hansen or more commonly referred to as Seven of Nine – played by Jeri Ryan

Oh Seven, how we love thee….

Seven (and The Doctor…what is the nature of your medical emergency?) were really the saving graces of Star Trek: Voyager. This series got a bad rap…well until Enterprise came along. I actually really enjoyed the romp through the Delta Quadrant. Not to mention the ending was the best of ALL the series. This installment fully immersed us in what is was like to fear the Borg. Showing audiences it’s path of destruction and wake of bloody debris. That’s great television.

Seven of Nine spent most of her life as part of “The Collective” that makes up the Borg. She was “rescued”, brought on board, and thanks to the genius of our holographic medical unit, was separated from MOST of her bio-implants and enhancements (she still needed the ones that made her look sexy). She traded in her tubes and blinky lights for a form fitting cat suit. Yummy.

Seven of Nine was pragmatic, blunt, to-the-point, and didn’t waist time on silly things like peoples feelings. She was my kinda girl. This no fuss attitude spilled over to her makeup style. She was the original “No Makeup Makeup” queen. Clear skin, subtle liner and lid, natural lip. Badda-Bing! A true testament that less can be more seeing as how she is arguably the hottest Star Trek cast member of THEM ALL. Kate Mulgrew HATED her for stealing the spot light…not sure why she didn’t hate The Doctor as well than? Sexist much Mulgrew?

Seven of Nine MAC Makeup

Now I must admit, I have NEVER owned a MAC product. No makeup, no brushes, not a thing. I haven’t even wanted to. I have plenty of Urban Decay, NYX, Tony Moly, Etude House….but no MAC. MAC is big girl makeup. It seems almost costume like to me. It’s thick and highly pigmented which does not mesh well with my desire for subtly and non-cake like appearance. But that’s just my bias, I guess I actually don’t know since I’ve never owned any.

So Brava! MAC Cosmetics….this September I will be venturing into your pretentious little store and buying myself some scifi face paint, JUST because you put “Star Trek” on it. That’s good marketing.

So what will be in this out-of-this-world collection? There will be 25 pieces in all, but we don’t know much else. “Lip colors, eye shadows, and nail polishes”….wait, no BLUSH? Come ON! Did you SEE Deanna Troi??

Star Trek MAC Makeup


Star Trek MAC Makeup

Here is the image that was released from MAC:


Let’s start at the top!

Star Trek Eye Shadow





This looks to me like eye shadow. GREEN eyeshadow. I like green eye shadow. I can’t tell if this is glittery or shimmery. I can handle shimmer, but since I’m older than 22 glitter near my eyes just isn’t my thing. It’s painful and catches nicely in my fine lines and wrinkles.

Star Trek Blush

THIS looks like a blush, even though a blush wasn’t mentioned. Maybe they’re considering it a highlight? Who cares, it’s blush.

Star Trek Nail Polish

At first I was comparing this to Benefits Bene-Tint because it’s the same shape. I was like, um….green glittery goo for my cheek bones??, how very innovative MAC. But then I realized, like just now, that’s it’s probably nail polish. I can’t do my own nails because I’m horrible at it, so this one doesn’t apply to me, but I LOVE the color. I get green gels a lot.

Star Trek Lipstick

OOOOOOH lala. This is lipstick and it looks like it would go right into Seven of Nine’s pocket…oh wait. I like this, but again, I’m not mature enough for big girl lipstick. It lasts about 5 minutes. I seriously don’t understand lipstick. I’m on the lip stain train.

Star Trek Glitter

Um? ok this one really DOES look like glitter goo in a bottle. Is it for your eyes? Lips? Wherever? Who knows. Not a fan of glitter and apparently Star Trek = Glitter. But remember there will be 25 pieces and this is only 5. So here’s hoping for some interesting matte lid colors. Maybe a bold turquoise ala’ Troi. What about a dusky grayish purple Via Vina?!

While it’s in stores September 1st, there will be an exclusive availability for the San Diego Comic-Con July 21st. If I wasn’t scheduled to pop out a tiny human the VERY NEXT DAY I would be tempted to go. I’ve never been to a Con Diego. But Alas, I’ll be welcoming mini Andrews into the world. I suppose that’s a fair trade. You all get access to exclusive makeup, I get a PERSON!




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